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Pencil Test Studios is working on Armikrog on the Personal Computer. Family Friendly Gaming was provided a download code for Armikrog on Steam. It is glaringly apparent which parts of Armikrog are being worked on still. Unless they are going for the black and white color scheme in certain parts of this downloadable video game. I think Armikrog will be a downloadable only video game. I can not find any data on a physical copy version of Armikrog. The Claymation art style is very distinctive in Armikrog. If you liked The Neverhood then you may get into Armikrog. Those two games contain multiple similarities. Like the graphics and the point and click nature. The puzzle nature and finding what to interact with is even more similarities.

Armikrog starts out with the main character and his strange looking dog creature crashing. They are attacked by a creature and then run into a building. From there players must figure out what to do and how to do it to progress. A ghost like character offered some form of a hint that proved less than useful to me. Armikrog is one of those games where players can get stuck easily. The Family Friendly Gaming Personal Computer controller did not work with Armikrog. I found no options to use it as a controller either. I saw a few graphical glitches while playing Armikrog. I ran into nothing happening after clicking on certain objects in Armikrog. I have no understanding as to why. I ran into issues with clicking objects and the proper action not happening.

Armikrog has a lot of charm to it. In the part of Armikrog that I played I found peril to be the main issue families will have. A creature does get its extremely long tongue severed. So I guess there will be some cartoon violence in Armikrog. I have not seen any official rating to know of any other possible issues. I got stuck early in Armikrog though. Nothing I tried worked. I eventually just had to shut the program down from Task Manager. Hopefully the end product comes out more stable. {06/26/2015}
- Mark


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