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Young Justice Legacy 


The boys and I are all into the super hero television shows. Which is why I was very interested in Young Justice Legacy. I prefer hand held games, so I purchased the Nintendo 3DS version of Young Justice Legacy. This super hero game is rated 'E10+' by the lenient ESRB. The only descriptor they mentioned is Mild Fantasy Violence. Somehow they could not find words like suggestive, or sexual to describe the scantily clad super hero women found within Young Justice Legacy. It really comes as no surprise since the ESRB has been slacking for years. I wish I could fine them a thousand dollars for every mistake Family Friendly Gaming finds. I would be richer than Bill Gates in a few years.

I got a real surprise from Young Justice Legacy on the 3DS when I got into the first level. This is a turn based strategy role playing game. Awesome! I love SRPG video games. And that was the last positive reaction I have had from Young Justice Legacy. The characters look and sound stiff during conversations, and battles. They move like they are running through water. The lag and glitches are higher in this hand held video game. The graphics are mediocre, and the game play is extremely boring. I hope I level up or do something with all of these experience points I am earning.

It is my hope to have a review set up in issue #85 of Family Friendly Gaming. I really hope Young Justice Legacy turns it around before I finish with it. Because right now I do not think Freedom Factory Studios and Little Orbit have a clue what they are doing with this license. Which worries me because Little Orbit has been amassing new licenses. At this rate they are going to destroy plenty of franchises. Unless something turns it around.
{06/05/2014} - Paul


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