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The Osborne Brothers Nashville 


The Osborne Brothers Nashville is a CD from Pinecastle Records. This CD contains eight songs on it. The first two songs have a haunting depressing feel to them. The third song livens things up. The fourth song goes back to slow agony. The fifth song steps things back up, and includes an amazing lesson. The sixth song decides to ease us down a slow rolling river. The seventh song has a pulse again with some toe tapping sounds. The final song finishes off with another slow song that stretches words out longer than I would have ever thought possible. Family Friendly Gaming was provided a copy of this CD.

The songs on The Osborne Brothers Nashville are Gonna Be Raining When I Die, Muddy Waters, The Oak Tree, My Baby's Gone, Going Back to the Mountains, When I Stop Dreaming, The Hard Times, and Half a Mind. They have a haunting blue grass sound and feel to them. Even the fast songs have a little bit of that feel to them. The banjo and piano sounds are great in The Osborne Brothers Nashville.

The lessons in The Osborne Brothers Nashville are dealing with pain and sorrow, floods take everything from us, the damage from floods cause pain, memories of the past, how a certain object can trigger a memory, pain of the loss of a loved one, dealing with the break of a relationship. going back to the country from the city, just how nasty cities really are, how hard it is to let go of ones dreams, how bad things can get, how things can stay bad, heaven will be better, following your mind or your heart, and thinking about leaving someone.
{04/26/2014} - Yolanda


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