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The Crew 


Gamers complain when Nintendo takes additional time to release a game. Gamers complain when Ubisoft takes extra time to release a game. Yet gamers do not complain when they get to play the final product. They are always thankful for these companies taking the extra time to make sure they get the game right. Why do I bring any of that up? The Crew is going to come out close a year later than originally planned. From what I saw at E3 2014, that time was well spent. The Crew impressed me. It looks great on the Playstation 4, and Xbox One. It plays great, and families are eager to sink their teeth into this massive video game.

Ubisoft is trying to stretch the bounds with The Crew. The coast to coast video we have up on our website, and on our Youtube channel shows how big this game really is. I wonder if I will be able to drive up to my own neighborhood in The Crew. Will this racing game be that detailed? Or will there be big sections of America missing? Even if I can't drive to my own ancestral home, the size of The Crew is impressive. The scope of what Ubisoft is doing is amazing. I am still not sold on the social aspect, and having to race as a part of a crew with others.

Time will tell how impressive the final product is. I don't want to get your hopes sky high, and then have it come crashing down. I will say what I saw at E3 2014 shows me The Crew is going to be something special, innovative, and very unique. Will The Crew become the next simulation racing king? I don't know. This next generation game has some big shoes to fill. Ubisoft knew this, and took the extra time to make this game even more amazing. I am patiently waiting to play The Crew when it is released fall in the year of our Lord 2014.
{07/19/2014} - Paul


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