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Nintendo recently sent out a demo for Super Smash Bros. Family Friendly Gaming was able to participate in this fighting game that will be earning the Everyone ten years old and older only rating from the ESRB. I think Super Smash Bros should have a thirteen and older only rating. There are five playable characters in this demo. They are Mario, Link, Mega Man, Pickachu, and the Villager (from Animal Crossing). There is one playable stage (Battlefield) that has two different forms (Regular and Omega). Nintendo lets owners of the demo play it up to thirty times. And then it is no longer any good.

The fighting action looks okay on the small screen. The violence can be hard to keep up with thanks to all the different special attacks, and items. Multiplayer is enabled for local only in the demo. The lack of a true story mode with cut scenes pulls this title down. Super Smash Bros has something it calls story mode, but it is just fighting things, and not what Smash Bros fanboys are used to. Plenty of cool characters can be found in Super Smash Bros from a variety of franchises. I wanted to play Sonic and Pac-Man personally.

The Villager from Animal Crossing is very over powered thanks to his balloon float. Super Smash Bros loves to give you tips on how to do things with different characters. The problem with the demo is most of those tips are useless since those characters are not unlocked. The demo was over a thousand blocks in SD card memory. I expect the full game to be huge. October 3, in the year of our Lord 2014 is when the full game releases. I expect stores to sell out of Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS.
{09/17/2014} - Kid Gamer


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