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Sonic Boom 


Family Friendly Gaming was very impressed with Sonic Boom on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U at E3 2014. The action adventure elements are fast, and the puzzle elements require some thought. Both Big Red Button Entertainment, and Sanzaru Games show they know what they are doing with Sega's flagship mascot. Families can get behind this Sonic reboot. It presents the well known Sonic characters in a new light. Knuckles is a complete tank now, and that is how he should be. Tails looks great. Sonic plays masterfully.

Sonic Boom is the next big Sonic video game for families. Sonic Boom could also sell Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS systems. Families are going to want to go fast thanks to this home console, and hand held video game. As soon as Family Friendly Gaming is provided new information we will pass it along to the Family Friendly Gaming Nation. We will give Sonic Boom a high priority for a review once we are provided a reviewable copy. Until then enjoy all of our wonderful E3 2014 coverage of this fun little blue blur based video game.
{06/17/2014} - Paul


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