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Skylanders Trap Team 


Now that Disney Infinity has marched its way into Family Friendly Gaming Nation, there is one other major release I am looking forward to - Skylanders Trap Team. The fourth Skylanders game will appear on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii Wii U, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and Nintendo 3DS. The home console and the hand held versions of Skylanders Trap Team will be different. And their starter packs will start with different characters. Which encourages families to get one of the home console versions and the hand held version on the Nintendo 3DS. I wish Skylanders Trap Team came out on the PS Vita. It will be appearing on tablets like the iPad.

I was not very thrilled to hear we were trapping enemies in Skylanders Trap Team. It did not sound like much of a progress forward. But Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes was really short, and has left the door open to Skylanders Trap Team. I won't have an opinion on a winner this year until after playing Skylanders Trap Team. I do think Skylanders Trap Team has a real good shot of capturing the Family Friendly Gaming Nation Crown for this year. I am not big on the undead in Skylanders. Hopefully those will be gone in Skylanders Trap Team. I also hope for more to do in Skylanders Trap Team after beating the main story.

My brother and I are looking forward to Skylanders Trap Team on one of the home consoles. My dad loves to play it on the Nintendo 3DS. He even helps us out by leveling characters up on the hand held so we can use them on the home console version. Since this is the fourth year of Skylanders, we have plenty of Skylanders to use in Skylanders Trap Team from previous years. I have my favorites that I will continue to play with this year. As soon as Family Friendly Gaming receives a reviewable copy of Skylanders Trap Team we will work on a review.
{09/29/2014} - Kid Gamer


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