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Shape Up



Shape Up 


I was a bit skeptical of Shape Up at first. This Ubisoft exercise video game reminded me of the Family exercise games from the past on the Wii. Yeah they were fun. Yeah they gave us exercise. But they were too hard, and the controls were sketchy. Shape Up works so much better thanks to the Xbox One and Kinect 2.0. I understand there are lazy slothful people out there. Not everyone is going to have the motivation to exercise like I do. Not everyone is willing to work hard at everything they do. This is where Shape Up comes in to play. It tries to make exercise fun.

Sure some of the stuff in Shape Up is lame. Like doing pushups with an elephant on your back. Puh-lease. But the human being is doing pushups and that is the important key factor we can not lose sight of. I welcome any video game that can get video game gluttons off the couch and into some real world physical activity. Who knows, maybe they will decide to venture outside next. And then maybe they will run into another human being and have a real world conversation. Shape Up could be the first step along a long path to recovery. For that it should be applauded.
{06/17/2014} - Paul


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