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Replay - VHS is not dead



Replay - VHS is not dead 


Family Friendly Gaming was provided a download code on Steam for the Beta version of Replay - VHS is not dead. This Personal Computer video game does some fun, fascinating, fresh and different things. Players control multiple characters. One character is moved and all of that movement is record. Then the next character is moved and all of their movements are recorded. Got that thus far? This is important because the puzzles require precise timing, and working together with each of the characters to get all of them to their ending locations.

Keys are also a part of Replay - VHS is not dead Beta. They unlock levels on the screens. The keys are needed to progress in the game. At least in the version Family Friendly Gaming was provided. There are seventy levels in four themed worlds. Pirates are the first world. Replay - VHS is not dead Beta takes time to play since we are required to play a bit, rewind, play another character, rewind, play the first a bit longer, and so on. It can get frustrating trying to progress through Replay - VHS is not dead Beta on the PC.

Replay - VHS is not dead Beta comes with controller support, and it controls as expected once you get through the tutorial. I kept trying to do things while the game was wanting to tell me, and show me something. I got agitated in the beginning of Replay - VHS is not dead Beta. After that things settled down. My own frustration came later from the slow flow of this game. And counting seconds to hold one character in a spot for another character to move forward.

The music in Replay - VHS is not dead Beta is cool. The graphics are okay. If you hit an obstacle like spikes your character vanishes, and everything rewinds. You will get sick of rewinding in Replay - VHS is not dead Beta. I did not have fun playing Replay - VHS is not dead Beta. I am also not sure what kind of a gamer this game is for. I suppose puzzle gamers with a lot of patience.
{12/23/2014} - WMG


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