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Two Tribes went through a rebirth of sorts recently. The company went under, and then came back slightly different. RIVE is the first game to come over to Family Friendly Gaming after their business blunders. I respect them for getting back on that horse after being bucked off. What kind of a game is RIVE? A 2D side scrolling robot hack and slash shooter. It is strange to see Two Tribes go all gangster. I still think of them as the puzzle game creator with that yellow bird. They are going a different direction.

RIVE looks like Unmechanical, albeit a bit brighter. RIVE is also a lot more violent. Expect constant fire and many explosions. If the ESRB reviews RIVE I expect a thirteen and older only rating. Violence is the descriptor I would expect them to use to describe RIVE. Family Friendly Gaming was provided a demo of RIVE. Unless the direction is changed in RIVE, I can see families passing. The violent video games have injured the image of the industry over the years.
{10/22/2014} - John


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