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Project Spark Beta



Project Spark Beta 


I am not always very big on playing Beta versions of games. Too often companies abuse our kindness. They try and use us as quality control. Unpaid quality control to boot. Which can get under your skin. Especially when our coverage will net these companies thousands of dollars to sometimes millions of dollars. I feel like saying: "really? is this only a one sided street? We do all this work to make you all this money, and you can't send a few hundred dollars our way?" Other times the Beta games are broken - and badly. Still other times we are told we are going to love some game, and wind up hating it. I wish the people who tell me I will love something - I wish they would put some money on the line. Meaning they should say - you are going to love this game or I will give you twenty dollars. Maybe they would target better.

What does any of this have to do with Project Spark Beta? Absolutely nothing. Because this game is showing so much promise. It takes the concept of Disney Infinity Toy Box and expands it. At least I hope it will expand it at some point in the near future. The area creation tools are slick. The options thus far show all kinds of promise. At this point we found it is hard to start out playing Project Spark Beta. You have to play other people's levels to level up and earn the credits to purchase the things you need to make a cool level. You won't start right out creating a winter wonderland in Project Spark Beta. You will have to play other people's ideas before you can unlock it.

I wonder if the hated micro-transactions from the despised free games will make an appearance in Project Spark Beta. Time will tell. Right now real money can buy stuff if you want to skip out on playing other people's levels. You can also play a sort of choose your own adventure in Project Spark Beta. You pick a kind of game, a hero, a quest, what you fight, and so on. Playing through these also net you in game currency that can be used to purchase different scenery, characters, and more. The true potential of Project Spark Beta has not been realized yet. In fact there are plenty of boring hack and slash player created areas. The lack of creativity of the player is what is hurting Project Spark Beta right now.

We have seen some rather clever levels and ideas in Project Spark Beta here and there. We are still trying to figure out how to do certain things in this home console Xbox One title. Found a few glitches here and there. Getting an account and the game set up was a monster pain. Being able to create our own little worlds made up for all that pain and suffering. We hope Project Spark Beta continues to develop and grow. It is so nice to be able to create levels that exhibit an intelligent design. The creativity this game allows is its biggest selling point.
{03/12/2014} - Paul


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