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NBA Live 15 


I love competition when it comes to sports games. Every single sport should have competition in the form of multiple games from different companies being on the market. Then we see all kinds of major improvements. NBA Live 15 is slotted to be released on October 28, in the year of our Lord 2014. It was delayed from October 7, 2014. Which is the day NBA 2K15 is set to be released from 2K Sports. I think picking a little later date is an intelligent move by EA Sports. We can compare experiences after we have spent time with the Visual Concepts video game. The NBA 2K franchise has been top dog for some years now. Can NBA Live catch it?

I hope for all kinds of improvements from NBA Live 15. NBA Live 14 needed quite a few of them to be competitive with NBA 2K14. I know EA Tiburon does not like to lose. I expect them to bring their 'A' game to NBA Live 15. I know I am looking forward to major improvements in NBA Live 15. I hope to see better game play, more intelligent game play, homage paid to the past, and less of that gross music. Where do you stand? Will you give EA Sports a chance in terms of video game basketball? What if NBA 2K15 loses a step this year? Time will tell if NBA Live 15 can dethrone NBA 2K15. I am eager to find out what happens this month.
{10/07/2015} - Frank


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