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MotoGP 14 


It takes a special breed of racer to sit on a two wheeled vehicle, and to go fast around curvy race tracks. In real life people die from accidents on motorcycles. The lack of protection is one of the biggest problems. Due to this I will not ride a motorcycle in real life. A video game is a completely different story. I enjoy motorcycle based video games because I can experience racing on a motorcycle without any of the danger. Motorcycle video games also have a different feel to them than car racing games. There are different dangers on two wheels. There are also cool things that can be done on two wheels that can not be done on four.

MotoGP 14 is coming on November 4, in the year of our Lord 2014. It will be released by developer Milestone, and publisher Bandai Namco Games. MotoGP 14 is releasing on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Personal Computer, Playstation 4, and Playstation Vita. If your family owns one of those video game machines then you will be able to purchase MotoGP 14. This franchise has been appreciated by families for many years now. Lord willing MotoGP 14 will be as good as some of the previous games.

Remember when you are racing in MotoGP 14 to be safe, kind, courteous and considerate. Sure they are computer controlled characters. That is no reason to avoid practicing safe driving. There are more than enough bad drivers out on the road. Playing MotoGP 14 can be an opportunity to show the entire world how to do things. You can set the example for others to see. You can also show how to avoid accidents. I hope MotoGP 14 lets us help out the injured racers.
{10/10/2014} - Frank


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