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Madden NFL 15 


As many of ya'll know I am a Seattle Seahawks fan. In fact most of us currently with Family Friendly Gaming cheer for the Seattle Seahawks. We were very pleased to see them win Super Bowl XLVIII. Not just win it, but absolutely dominate in their 43-8 victory. EA Sports had predicted the Denver Broncos were going to win Super Bowl XLVIII in a close game, and in overtime. As we all know their prediction was wrong. In Madden NFL 15, EA Sports is focusing again on the defense. So I wondered if EA Sports was trying to play catch up, and recover from their fumble. I asked that question at E3 2014. The answer was: "Madden goes through a cycle, and it was time to focus on defense again."

The most interesting conversation was had in the Madden NFL 15 area of the EA Sports booth at E3 2014. See the gentleman I talked to is a Denver Broncos fan. I felt bad for him. He had a rough day with that Super Bowl. Plenty of his co-workers are Seahawks fans. So he heard all about it. So I felt it was better to relay grace. He was a wonderful gentleman to talk to concerning football, and Madden NFL 15. By the way Madden NFL 15 is look amazing on the Xbox One and Playstation 4. The Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers were playing on the screen at E3 2014. These two rivals look amazing.

Not only does Madden NFL 15 look great. It will play great. I am so happy that improvements are being made to defense. Finally defenses will have their own view. Finally we will have tools available to us while rushing the passer. Finally we won't just be stuck and bored playing the lineman. I hope EA Sports adds a first person perspective as one of the available camera choices. I won't hold out hope for that, but it would be nice. I believe Richard Sherman is going to be pleased with the final product. I am already raving about Madden NFL 15.
{07/09/2014} - Paul


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