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Jim & Jesse and the Virginia Bots Radio Shows 


Jim & Jesse and the Virginia Bots Radio Shows contains twenty-six songs on it. The songs are Intro, Diesel Train, Going Like Wildfire, Snowflake Breakdown, The Family Who Prays Together, Till These Dreams Come True, Everything She Touches Gets The Blues, Sitting On Top Of The World, Have You Lost Your Love For Me?, Bluegrass Breakdown, Press On O'Pilgrim,Bye Bye Blues, Don't This Road Look Rough And Rocky, On The Mississippi Shore, How Do you Talk to a Baby, Beer Barrel Polka, Will There be any Stars in my Crown, I Cried Again, I Can't Help Wondering, There's More Pretty Girls Than One, On The Banks of the Ohio, Cheyenne, Precious Memories, Foggy Mountain Top, Heartaches and Flowers, and So Long til Next Time.

These are real genuine old radio spots. So there can be a few seconds intro from song to song. As well as comments about the songs. The elements of family and faith are present and accounted for in Jim & Jesse and the Virginia Bots Radio Shows. Listening to this CD is like going back in time. To a time to even before I was born. Which is fascinating to me since the talent of the musicians and singers comes through. It is neat to see something recorded in the 1960s getting some new life. There are a range of topics addressed in Jim & Jesse and the Virginia Bots Radio Shows. If you know bluegrass from that era in time then you will have a good idea what to expect out of Jim & Jesse and the Virginia Bots Radio Shows. Also generally the song title explains what each song is about. On the Banks of the Ohio is a disturbing song.
{03/05/2014} - Paul


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