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James Carothers Honky Tonk Land 


Family Friendly Gaming was provided the James Carothers Honky Tonk Land CD. The eight songs on this CD are New Country Singers, Mississippi Clay, I Must Be Alive, Honky Tonk Land, Have Another Round, She's Too Crazy, Trouble in Paradise, and Where did we come from? James Carothers has a deep country sound that has commentary on the current state of country music. If you have been wanting older truer country then you will most likely get into James Carothers Honkey Tonk Land CD. That does not mean every song in James Carothers Honkey Tonk Land CD is slow though. There are some upbeat songs on this music CD.

The lessons on the James Carothers Honky Tonk Land CD are the unrealistic stories told in songs, lost love, perplexed at why some people do certain things, how pain keeps us going, reflecting on the past, looking forward to seeing lost ones in heaven, throwing away an important life to party, living a worldly life, there is a price to pay for breaking the law, being in a relationship with a crazy woman, how the devil deceives, mistakes married people make, the dangers of alcohol, and how things went wrong in America.

Country music is not usually known for deep thought provoking lyrics. Especially current modern day songs. James Carothers Honky Tonk Land CD is an exception to that. It is amazing to me how deep some of the lyrics on this CD are. I got into one song in particular on James Carothers Honkey Tonk Land CD. Mississippi Clay, is the song I really got into on the James Carothers Honky Tonk Land CD. Parents need to be aware there are multiple adult themes referenced on the James Carothers Honkey Tonk Land CD.
{11/17/2014} - Paul


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