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HomeTown Story 


I have been worried about Natsume for some time now. Their Harvest Moon games have gotten stale. They stubbornly cling to content the majority of Americans find offensive. They repeatedly ignore attempts to help their franchise reach the next level. I was very excited to hear about HomeTown Story. In fact I encouraged my hubby to run all the massive amounts of coverage we ran. I thought Natsume was going to use HomeTown Story as a chance to correct the mistakes in the Harvest Moon franchise. Sadly I was wrong. Natsume made HomeTown Story even worse than almost every single Harvest Moon game.

I do not know what they were thinking. It is like they are consistently trying to proselytize their religious beliefs. They want to brainwash everyone into their belief set, and do it in an underhanded and deceitful way. As if that were not bad enough, HomeTown Story also is confusing to learn how to play. Where are people's houses? When are they in them? Who created such a confusing maze of paths as a layout to a town? How do you get closer to marriage prospects? HomeTown Story does not even try to help you. In fact HomeTown Story feels like it was only halfway complete when it was released.

I regret having to save up for so long to be able to play this Nintendo 3DS hand held video game. I regret that I will get no money back for all of my time and hard work on this game. I regret that this game costs so much money, and is ultimately a huge waste. I am thankful that you our wonderful readers can learn from my experience. I am thankful you can avoid HomeTown Story like the plague. You can tell them we don't want witches and junk in our games. We want content that encourages a relationship with Jesus Christ. Expect a full comprehensive review in Family Friendly Gaming #82.
{03/29/2014} - Yolanda


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