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Disney Fantasia Music Evolved



Disney Fantasia Music Evolved 


Long time readers know I love video games that improve the image of the entire industry. I don't drink the kool-aid. I don't regurgitate the propaganda. I tell the plain, simple, and honest truth. Video games, and gamers have a horrible image. What should we expect when we section ourselves off from the rest of society, selfishly sit by ourselves, and grow obese? Spin artists may try to make us look better, but that is just the Emperor's New Clothes kind of a thing. We have to address the issues. One of those issues is exercise. Which is where Disney Fantasia Music Evolved on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 comes into play.

Disney Fantasia Music Evolved uses the Kinect sensor to help us exercise while we are playing this game. Disney Fantasia Music Evolved was nothing like I expected. There is a deep level of interactivity in creating our very own musical sounds. The level of adjustments to play songs in different ways is very impressive. The game is also very intuitive, and quickly picks up our movements. I see Disney Fantasia Music Evolved being a big hit with families and anyone who appreciates exercise this Christmas.

Disney Fantasia Music Evolved is one of those games that get gamers off the couch, and help them burn some calories. This in turns improves the image of the gamer. The one issue I see families having with Disney Fantasia Music Evolved is the offensive word evolved being in the game title. I will get a few hundred emails asking me where the Creation game is. I promise to pass that along to Harmonix and Disney Interactive Studios. The majority of Americans do not follow the religion of evolution, and do not appreciate having it shoved in their faces. Hopefully there will be a name change to something less offensive.
{07/12/2014} - Paul


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