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Cube Creator 3D 


At first glance Cube Creator 3D is a Minecraft clone. That is until you actually play Cube Creator 3D. Then you realize Cube Creator 3D is not actually a Minecraft clone. Since there is no crafting in Cube Creator 3D. All we do in Cube Creator 3D is mine blocks, and place blocks. According to the Nintendo page Cube Creator 3D is supposed to have crafting. I looked in the house, cave, castle, sand areas, and wooded areas. I did not find a crafting table in Cube Creator 3D.

For anyone wondering I played the demo of Cube Creator 3D. It allows players twenty uses of the game for free. Then you have to get the full version when it is released. Cube Creator 3D is like Minecraft in one major way - graphics. Cube Creator 3D looks horrible. Everything is blocky - which of course is by design. Since Microsoft bought Mojang, we can guess there won't be an official Minecraft game on the Nintendo 3DS anytime soon. Which means Big John Games Cube Creator 3D is the closest thing Minecraft fans will have. Cube Creator 3D may be a good thing seeings how Microsoft has been ruining Minecraft.

I do believe Cube Creator 3D has potential. I am not being paid by Big John Games to say that. They are not even advertising with Family Friendly Gaming. So we are not bought off like some other gaming media outlets. I know quite a few people that want Minecraft on the Nintendo 3DS. I am one of them. The 3D effects are nice, although they can lead to headaches thanks to the graphics. The music is neat. I hope Cube Creator 3D has a church like Minecraft does. We will have to wait for the official complete release to see what Big John Games comes up with.
{12/25/2014} - John


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