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Citizens of Earth



Citizens of Earth 


January 20, in the year of Lord 2015 is when Citizens of Earth is projected to release on the Personal Computer, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U. This role playing game has been bumped before. So hopefully it will make its release date. We are also hopeful here at Family Friendly Gaming that Citizens of Earth will be rated Everyone 10+, or Teen (for thirteen and older only). We would hate to see it slip into the macabre and morbid rating range. We are also hoping this video game does not become a propaganda piece for one political party like Presidents Run turned out to be.

Citizens of Earth is looking like it is following the Earthbound kind of style. That means we should expect all kinds of quirky things from Citizens of Earth. Playing the Vice President, and all of the oddball looking enemies tells us this video game will be one of the strangest of all time. Hopefully Citizens of Earth is not going to be offensive to families. We are also hoping Citizens of Earth is coming out in a physical format. Those download only video games are so lame. Once Family Friendly Gaming is provided a copy of Citizens of Earth, we will work on a review.
{12/05/2014} - RPG Master


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