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Bravely Default



Bravely Default 


Nintendo and Square Enix did something very interesting with Bravely Default. They released a demo of the game on the Nintendo 3DS. This demo is not the start of the game. In fact it is all new content that is not a part of the main game. It is neat to see companies go above and beyond in this fashion. It also gives gamers a taste of what the final hand held video game will look like, play like, and sound like. Bravely Default is a definite Square Enix role playing game. In fact it feels like Final Fantasy remakes. In terms of visual, and audio presentation. The town in Bravely Default is presented in a different kind of 2D screen. The game zooms out when you stand around and zooms in when you start to move.

Due to the language, violence, and enticement to lust issues, families should expect a rating of THIRTEEN and OLDER ONLY for Bravely Default. Families also need a Nintendo Network account to play this demo. Families are allowed thirty play sessions only with the Bravely Default demo. Which means longer play sessions are advisable to make it through the demo. Which negates the whole play for a few minutes and put aside nature of the Nintendo 3DS. It is free to download this large demo. Families can also get a feel for the different characters, jobs, and magical content within Bravely Default. Be very careful of objects in dungeons that can provide status changes.

Poisons are strong in Bravely Default. Darkness not only makes you miss, it also lowers your defense against attacks. Running can be the best idea when the battle is not going your way. Staying at the inn will clean up any and all status changes to your characters. Items can be good in the battles to recover. Players need to have the right job and abilities to use magic. Family Friendly Gaming hopes to be able to play Bravely Default when the full version is released. At some future date a review is planned for this Nintendo 3DS hand held video game. The Day and Night cycles are nice. The dragon at the end of the demo is very difficult to beat – bring plenty of items. {01/06/2014}
– RPG Master


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