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Block Story 


Block Story is a fascinating Personal Computer game that is appearing on Steam. Technically Block Story came over from the app world before making it to the PC. The graphics in menu screens certainly remind me of an app. The Minecraft like world is a completely different story. Family Friendly Gaming was provided a download code with early access to Block Story. We were not provided any payment for all of the work associated with this preview. Currently there are a few graphical glitches in terms of images loading.

Block Story looks better than Minecraft. Block Story also contains a lot more content. For example there are things like guns, cars, jet packs, boats, and more. There are three dimensions in Block Story. They are sky realm, hell, and regular world. Block Story also contains magic, and enchantments. Some massive animals like dinosaurs can be found in Block Story. There is an entire farming system in Block Story. This PC game is quiet, except when you run across a boss characters - then there is some music.

Fans of Minecraft, and Terraria may take an interest in Block Story. This PC game is limited in the block department. But makes up for it in the items section. Pets can be summoned by stealing their souls and using it. Block Story includes a story mode, hardcore mode, and creative. There is violent content in Block Story. We destroy a variety of animals, monsters, and creatures in this game. Story mode contains multiple quests for the player to perform. They can also teach players a lot about the various items, NPCs and creatures in this game. Crafting in Block Story is similar to Minecraft with a few minor differences. {04/30/2014}
- Kid Gamer


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