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Block N Load 


Family Friendly Gaming was recently provided a Beta key for Block N Load on the Personal Computer. This is a violent video game mixed with the Minecraft concept. The first person shooter concept does not work with the building concept in my personal opinion. Block N Load Beta is really quiet during the building phase. Block N Load Beta is also a team combat based video game. So you have to play online, and play with other human characters. The character choices in Block N Load Beta are really odd. Some could use more clothing.

Block N Load Beta is a large download needing 4 gigs. Which can hammer families in the Internet usage department. Block N Load Beta teaches us to get them before they get us. It also teaches us to build defenses to stop others from taking our teams core. The modes currently in Block N Load Beta are Friendly, Ranked, and Custom. It says Play Solo, but we need to join a group. Block N Load Beta is not the kind of a game that families will spend a lot of time with. There are more down sides that positives to this downloadable Steam video game.
{12/16/2014} - John


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