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A-Train City Simulator



A-Train City Simulator 


Do you know what one of my favorite things to do at E3 is? I did it at E3 2014 this year. I come in all stealth like. I do not check in at a desk. Instead I check out games without the paid employees telling me what to think. I can find those sleeper hits. I can find the games families will be interested in playing. I find the games not everyone is paying attention to. What did I find at E3 2014? A-Train City Simulator. This Nintendo 3DS comes from the developer Artdink. The publisher will be Natsume. This hand held video game is projected to come Winter 2014. So Lord willing we will be playing it for a review before Christmas. Maybe it will be a white Christmas too.

A-Train City Simulator impressed me for a couple of reasons. Kids of all ages enjoy trains. Who doesn't like a little choo-choo? Simulation games are usually friendlier to families than most other types of genres. With the exception of the puzzle video games. A-Train City Simulator looks okay for the Nintendo 3DS. It plays well, and it has a mountain of potential. Family Friendly Gaming Nation will find out if A-Train City Simulator lives up to that potential. Thus far the future is looking bright for this game. In fact it has the potential of becoming the biggest sleeper hit of 2014.
{07/12/2014} - Sam


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