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Family Friendly Gaming has grown beyond me in some ways. There are hundreds of product requests that come in. We cover as many as we can. Help out as many indie developers as we can while continuing to cover the stories that interest families (we only have so much money and so much time). Every so often we put a book through the wringer. So when I was asked about reading and writing about the book A Year with Minecraft from author Thomas Arnroth, I thought it was a good idea. Family Friendly Gaming had done a review of the Xbox 360 version of the game. Our kids play the game on the iPad, and wear clothing with characters and have little stuffed animal creature things. So it is a franchise I am familiar with.

I should make one important confession before going deeper into A Year with Minecraft. I do not like Minecraft. I do not play Minecraft. I recognize the creativity this game allows. The addiction factor, as well as the time this game requires is what bothers me the most. No one can argue with its success. Minecraft has been successful. I deal with so many different products, companies, and people that I do not have time to focus on just one game. If I was addicted to Minecraft I would not be able to read A Year with Minecraft, let alone write about it. If you are a Minecraft fanboy, please take no offense. I am not criticizing you, or hating on you. Minecraft is not my thing.

A Year with Minecraft gives a real good insiders look to the people behind Mojang. Especially Notch, Jens, Carl, and the rest of the Mojangstas. The book does hop around a lot in the beginning which winds up making things confusing. It is a short book of a mere 207 pages. But who am I talk with the shorter published Video Game Lies book. Drinking is referenced in multiple parts of the book. These game designers are treated as rock stars, nearly worshiped in parts of the book. There is a reference to God, which is apologized for. I found that really odd. I would never apologize for mentioning God. The global warming lie is promoted in A Year with Minecraft.

On the positive side A Year with Minecraft is a thoroughly interesting read with plenty of insider information. Fans of Minecraft will find A Year with Minecraft to be very fascinating. As an adult it had little for me. The education part? meh. The whole UN part? meh. I wanted to hear more about faith, and a belief in God. I wanted to know more about the churches and pastors in the villages. I wanted to hear about the faith of those that created this game, and how they implemented it into the game. I wanted to hear more about finishing projects once they are started - since too many have been left by the wayside. I wanted to hear about more games they want to play. But I am not the audience of A Year with Minecraft. The fanbase will eat A Year with Minecraft up.
{01/25/2014} - Paul


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