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Ultima Forever Quest for the Avatar 


There has been a boatload of excitement here at Family Friendly Gaming over the upcoming release of Ultima Forever Quest for the Avatar on the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch platforms. Why? The virtues is one of the biggest reasons. Unfortunately what we can hope for in a game and what developers ultimate come up with can be different things. There is blood and gore as our characters hack and slash enemies into bloody messes. Ultima Forever Quest for the Avatar also contains mild enticement to lust and spiritual aspects like ghosts.

Players are presented with choices in Ultima Forever Quest for the Avatar. They are faced with moral, and ethical decisions. Whatever choice the player make impacts a specific virtue. You confront a thief who has been stealing food. You can have compassion, justice, or honesty. You make the call. You decide which path towards becoming the avatar is more important. What would you do in that situation?

I fear that Ultima Forever Quest for the Avatar may be a free app. All of the armor revolves around keys. We pick up keys when we beat enemies, and we use keys to open treasure chests. Gold keys produce rare items. Silver keys will produce a rare item, but less rare. Bronze keys produce normal items. Keys are needed to repair armor, and buy healing potions. Bronze keys are plentiful and can be converted into silver keys. Gold keys are purchased or you can sign up for a variety of different advertisements to get some. If you want to play Ultima Forever Quest for the Avatar from start to finish you will have to deal with this. If you choose not to then you will be stuck and unable to progress.{06/19/2013} - Paul



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