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The Roys Gypsy Runaway Train


The Roys have crossed back into the Family Friendly Gaming Nation to show their domination. Their new CD is Gypsy Runaway Train. There are thirteen songs on The Roys Gypsy Runaway Train. The songs are You Can Count On My Love, Blue Moon Of Kentucky, Another Minute, Born With A Hammer in My Hand, I Wonder Where You Are Tonight, He Took Your Place, Workin' On It, Enough For Me, Ramblin' Fever, What Gives You The Right, Those Memories Of You, Half Of Me, and Gypsy Runaway Train. Their talent and thought provoking songs continue on this CD.

The main lessons on The Roys Gypsy Runaway Train are count on my love, shine the moon on who made me blue, be a man he wants to grow up to be, we are born to do certain things, regret from past mistakes, longing for others, how Jesus can wash your sins away, trying to get better, being thankful to God, habits passed down from parents to children, living free, refuse to accept mistreatment, love is for a lifetime, follow where God leads you, what the life of a musician is like, and you have a lot of work to do still. There are of course minor lessons on top of those main ones.

I find the inclusion of their faith to be an integral part of The Roys Gypsy Runaway Train. Whether the song is fast or slow, it resonates quite well with the audience. My personal favorite songs are Another Minute, Workin' On It, Enough For Me, and Half Of Me. The messages in these songs are strong, powerful, and encouraging. I feel very blessed to be able to listen to this CD, and write about it. I appreciate seeing these two artists walk along those train tracks on the front and back cover - it is a nice touch.
{05/22/2013} - Paul


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