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Secrets of Raetikon



Secrets of Raetikon 


All ya'll know me. I am open, honest, and transparent. I openly admit the perks of being the editor in chief at Family Friendly Gaming. Playing games before the public is one of those perks. Which has prompted this preview of SECRETS OF RAETIKON on the Personal Computer (PC). The comparisons to Chasing Aurora will be one of the first things many people tell you. It was the first thing I thought of as I played SECRETS OF RAETIKON. The differences between the two are what is really important. SECRETS OF RAETIKON is a questing game. We take the bird, collect items, solve puzzles, and progress through an interesting aerial world.

I have to admit I am bummed that SECRETS OF RAETIKON is not coming to the Wii U. At least not immediately. I feel SECRETS OF RAETIKON is a much better game than Chasing Aurora. It can reach a larger audience and have a longer shelf life. Maybe the executives at Nintendo will listen to what I have to say. They have listened to Family Friendly Gaming before. SECRETS OF RAETIKON looks similar to Chasing Aurora. I believe there might be some more polish, shine, and improved animation.

Family Friendly Gaming was blessed with an alpha version of SECRETS OF RAETIKON. Which means bugs are a possibility. Lord willing they will be corrected before the final version is released. The final version is also awaiting a crowd funding campaign. Hopefully enough of our readers who donate to our continued operations will consider spending some of that on this game so it does receive a final release date. All in all SECRETS OF RAETIKON is coming along nicely, and impressed me. This game really belongs on a home console. I hope someone out there reading this can help that happen.
{10/26/2013} - Paul


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