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Pokemon X and Pokemon Y 


Family Friendly Gaming purchased a copy of Pokemon X on the Nintendo 3DS. A review is planned for issue #77 of the e-magazine. Thus far I have been hot seating this game with my dad. I like the new 3D look and feel to the hand held role playing game. The experience share (given after the first gym) is very handy in helping the pace of the grinding. The 3D areas like some caves are neat to see. The presentation is improved, and so are the battles. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y include an unhealthy obsession with the religious belief of evolution.

There is a lot of rehash in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y from Pokemon Fire Red Pokemon Leaf Green which is a disappointment. In order to catch them all families will have to buy both games which comes to $80.00 before taxes. And families will have to play the same game twice just to earn a different legendary, and starters. The inclusion of the original starters is a nice touch. If you purchase the game early enough you can get a Torchic as a gift. You can also trade older Pokemon through Pokemon Bank. Please note that there will be a monthly fee for Pokemon Bank in the future.

Thus far there are numerous cool improvements and upgrades in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. There are also some areas that still need improvement. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y may be one of the biggest jumps in terms of improvement Family Friendly Gaming has seen in many years. Pokemon still faint instead of dying. There is a ton of battling, and herds of Pokemon in certain kinds of taller grass. Players fight in a variety of different ways. Numerous Pokemon from previous games are in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.
{10/14/2013} - Kid Gamer


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