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Nu-Blu Ten 


Nu-Blu has a new CD out called Ten. This bluegrass band breaks some interesting boundaries in this ten track compact disc. The songs on this CD are That Road, Without A Kiss, Caught in the Middle, Caught in the Middle, Eddie's Garage, Trains I Didn't Take, The Seed, It's A Good Day To Be With You, All Americans, Giant Squid, and Shadows of the Night. Giant Squid is instrumental, and Shadows of the Night is a remake. I was interested in seeing what they had to say about a giant squid - which was obviously not much.

The lessons on this CD are the road keeps calling, see you in heaven, miss loved ones that have passed on, there is no shortcuts to success, how awesome small towns are, no regrets for choices made, learning from our fathers, how great going to church is, how our sons learn from us like we learned from our dads, how great it is to be with somebody, Americans should have more solidarity, and your dreams will come true. There are of course minor lessons like why do we have to turn on one another, don't dwell on choices not taken, and more.

I have given great thought over to the years to why there is such division in America. Part of the problem is some people want to look at something and define it one way. Others look at the same thing and give it a different definition. There really is no common ground, or possible compromise when the definitions are polar opposites. One side will get their way and the other won't. The faith element in Nu-Blu Ten is light, but nice to hear. I loved the church references, and how they are shown in a realistic positive light. The rendition of Shadows of the Night on Nu-Blu Ten is one of the more fascinating ones I have heard in some time. {07/07/2013} - Frank


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