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Mike Aiken Captains & Cowboys 


Mike Aiken Captains & Cowboys is the quintessential modern day country music CD. Mr Aiken sings about a variety of different topics. Those that live in Virginia will be extremely pleased with this music CD. Mike Aiken Captains & Cowboys has a couple of songs that celebrate that area of the country. This music CD also does some interesting things, and some that are not normally done in country music.

Mike Aiken Captains & Cowboys has a song about saving the whales. It reminded me of that Star Trek movie all those decades ago that we were going to make the whales extinct. Yet they are still out there in the ocean. So the alarming cry normally falls on deaf ears since the boy has cried wolf so often. Mike Aiken Captains & Cowboys has numerous songs referencing drinking. Which brought up memories of my dead alcoholic uncle and all the pain and suffering he caused.

The songs in Mike Aiken Captains & Cowboys are Virginia, Coal Train, Your Memory Wins, Get Down River, Bring Out The Bourbon, Put A Sail On It, Dance With the Wind, Save the Whales, Summertime Song, Night Rider's Lament, Take The Boy Fishin', and Captains & Cowboys. This music CD has an aquatic focus that is also unique in this style of music. I got into Get Down River, Put a Sail On It, and Take The Boy Fishin'. My daddy chased off some boys before I met my wonderful hubby.
{04/06/2013} - Yolanda


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