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Mark Newton & Steve Thomas REBORN 


Mark Newton & Steve Thomas have a new CD out - REBORN. I found quite a few interesting songs on this twelve track disc. Their bluegrass country feel exhibits their talents in some wide ranges. The twelve songs on REBORN are Old McDonald, The Key, Painted Lady, Blue Railroad Train, Pineywood Hills, Far Far Cry, Are You Missing Me, Country Song, The Girl I Left in Sunny Tenn, If It Aint Love, Kentucky Waltz, and Nobody's Business.

I absolutely love The Key. The message in The Key is amazing. It is all about Satan locking a door, and God handing him a key. It denotes an ability to turn to God for guidance, strength, and direction. Are You Missing Me, and Country Song also stick out for me. For different reasons than The Key - which is my favorite song on this CD. Nobody's Business confuses me. I am not clear if they are supporting the phrase or mocking it. There is a line about going crazy and killing his wife. Which makes me suspect it may be mocking the phrase. At least I hope so.

Mark Newton & Steve Thomas REBORN is one of those CDs that range in a variety of ways. There are slow songs, fast songs, different sounds, different instruments, and different vocal ranges. One minute we are hearing about how Old McDonald lost the farm - probably due to over-taxation. Then we hear about a train. We hear about God, and we hear about a lost left behind love. We are in Kentucky and Tennessee. This CD does not stay in one place too long. Which I enjoyed.
{04/02/2013} - Yolanda


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