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Lou Reid & Carolina 20th Anniversary Concert



Lou Reid & Carolina 20th Anniversary Concert 


Twenty years is a long time to do anything. Singing, traveling, and touching the lives of thousands can be very draining. Which is why it is wonderful to hear the Lou Reid & Carolina 20th Anniversary Concert CD. I can tell they touched their fans while performing live at The Down Home in Johnson City, TN on December 1st, in the year of our Lord 2012. Some of their music references a faith in God. They have a tremendous blue grass sound. The vocals range, and so does the speed of the songs. Some are fast, and some are slow. Some will excite and some will sadden.

The CD contains Introduction, Grass Lover, Amanda Lynn, Mountain Girl, Band Introduction, Time, Lost in a Memory, Lord Have Mercy (On My Soul), I Call Your Name, She's More to be Pitied, Long Black Veil, I Couldn't Find My Walking Shoes, Carolina Moonshine Man, and When It Rains. The lessons on this CD are music he likes the best, how thankful he is for a daughter, what the mountains are like, how a little mountain girl feels, learning as we grow and mature, differences between being young and old, being stuck in the past, not able to let go, wanting mercy and grace, longing for someone, mistakes made by some, don't ever want what others have, sorrow and regret, who the murderer was, not able to do some things, being a moonshine man from carolina, and when it rains it rains on me.

Lord Have Mercy (On My Soul), Grass Lover, Time, and When It Rains are my favorite songs on this CD. Lord Have Mercy (On My Soul) reminds us of our fallen sinful nature. We deserve to be punished by God. We have earned his wrath. It is only because of God's love and grace we do not immediately receive what we have earned. It reminds us to work on being more Christ like on a daily basis. Grass Lover is a fun little song about how much the singer lovers blue grass. Time is astounding because it shows a real maturity, and true education to the reality of life. Schools are not competent enough to teach important lessons like that one - which is a sad statement on our educational system. When It Rains is sort of an Eeyore song, which is probably why I enjoy it so much. {09/15/2013} - Paul


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