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Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road 


Bluegrass has taken seed here at Family Friendly Gaming Nation. Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road is the latest CD to sing and dance its way into our ears. They do not look like a musical group, but they have a sweet sound. Josh Goforth produced this Pinecastle Records twelve track disc. The songs on Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road are That's Kentucky, Living with the Shades Pulled Down, Livin like I'm Dying, You Won't Ever Forget Me, All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye, Songs of the French Broad, I Heard You Call His Name Last Night, Bluegrass Barn, Hold Me One More Time, Suitcase of Your Heart, I Saw the Golden Stairs, and Liza Jane.

There are a variety of styles of song in Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road. Different people have different tastes. I personally enjoyed I Saw the Golden Stairs the most. The melody, lesson, longing, and tone resonated with me personally. Plus it is such an upbeat, uplifting, and edifying song that is brought a smile to my face. On the flip side of things Liza Jane did not impress me. I am not a fan of instrumental songs. I like to hear words. I love the imagery in Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road, especially in songs like That's Kentucky. Families can relate to songs like Livin Like I'm Dying. Multiple songs on Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road deal with love and loss.

Please note there are references in Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road to alcohol, lying, and cheating. There are also references in Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road to faith, heaven, love, and how wonderful things are down South. All in all I enjoyed the majority of Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road. The sound of Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road makes me feel like I am sitting on a porch swing, just relaxing and enjoying life.
{08/19/2013} - Paul


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