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Joanna Mosca Let it all Begin 


Joanna Mosca Let it all Begin is a new six track EP on CD. She has a nice voice with a neat country sound. Her six songs are mixed up nicely. Half of the songs are fast, and half of them are slow. Now I am the type of guy who likes the faster songs. I have always been that way. Slow songs are not my bag baby. If you like it slow though, you will find half of the songs in Joanna Mosca Let it all Begin to your liking. The first song on this CD starts out with a bang. You know what they say about first impressions right?

The songs on Joanna Mosca Let it all Begin are Dream On Savannah, Would You Still Be Here, Keep on Driving, I Guess That Says It All, Let It All Begin, and Where Does Good Love Go. Let It All Begin and Dream on Savannah are two stand out songs in my book. There are a variety of lessons in Joanna Mosca Let it all Begin. You can make it in spite of everyone telling you that you won't, would you make the same choices, don't second guess your decisions, accept someone leaving, do what makes you feel good, and what happens to feelings and emotions after being together for years?
 {04/27/2013} - Paul


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