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A game needs help when it confuses players in the tutorial. This is what happened when we tried to play the Beta version of Horizon. I know it is a pre-release build. I know we are being used as unpaid testers. By the same token Horizon should not frustrate three different people. Each of us came away with the exact same confusion and headache. What makes it worse is we really wanted to get into Horizon on the Personal Computer. The early Steam build needs better controls.

Horizon looks really nice. Planets, ships, asteroids, moons and more look really good. The sounds help relax the stressed out players. The different races, resources, and styles of ships is sure to excite the strategy gamer. I really wish our experiences with Horizon were better. I hope the confusing controls and tutorial are worked out before the final release. It took multiple tries to get through parts of the tutorial. Straying from it just a little bit seemed to mess things up. when we finally got through it we found a deep strategy game with all kinds of different aliens and a vast universe. {12/26/2013} - WMG


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