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God Didnt Choose Sides Volume 1



God Didnt Choose Sides Volume 1 


God Didn't Choose Sides Volume 1 is a CD in relation to the Civil War and has True Stories about Real People. And this CD is not for the feint of heart. There are stories in God Didn't Choose Sides Volume 1 that could easily haunt you. I felt chills in some songs and tears in others. The pain and suffering of so many people in these bluegrass songs are intense. I know there are people out there that will have problems handling that. God Didn't Choose Sides Volume 1 is very kind in showing the suffering on both sides. This CD expresses the opinion that God did not pick a side, and loved both sides equally.

My personal interest in the Civil War has been a lengthy journey. I was raised in the Pacific Northwest. The Civil War did not impact my area. It was taught in history and the extremist left viewpoint is what they told us in the public schools. It was not until years later I realized the propaganda and lies they had taught us. As someone with Cherokee blood in their veins I found out that the Native Americans had refused to work as slaves for the Europeans - instead choosing death over servanthood. That is what brought so many over from Africa. I also learned black Africans kidnapped other black Africans to sell them into slavery. I also learned slavery exists to this very day in Africa, Asia, and other countries. Finally I learned the slavery issue was only brought up late in the Civil War.

God Didn't Choose Sides Volume 1 is a wonderful reminder how horrible war is. I can understand those that were and currently are sick of an oppressive and over reaching bloated federal government. With a political court system that sides with evil over what is right in too many cases. The people responsible for the oppressive federal government do not pay the price when it goes to war. So many of the common every day people are the ones that pay the price. God Didn't Choose Sides Volume 1 is a wonderful reminder that no matter how horrible things are right now, they could be much worse.
 {01/18/2013} - Paul


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