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THE ROYS New Day Dawning 


A lot of people think I am an expert in just about everything. Let me set the record straight. I am not. There are all kinds of things I know nothing about. Case in point THE ROYS. I have been listening to their New Day Dawning CD. This is the first time I have ever been blessed by their music. Which got me thinking, there has to be others out there that have never heard of their either. Which is a true shame.

THE ROYS are amazingly talented. In a day and age where Milli Vanilli like electronic work is done on artists it is nice to hear someone who is real and genuine. The emotion comes through in their songs masterfully well. Their sound is unique as well. It sounds country to me, with a little twinge of blue grass here and there. All of it is interesting and emotionally engaging. They sing about real life issues we all deal with, have dealt with, or will one day.

The perspective in New Day Dawning is what I find so refreshing. Fast As We Roll is a classic example of this. Take a minute to enjoy life instead of rushing around for worthless and meaningless things. I took ten minutes to listen to that song three more times. It is extremely deep. New Day Dawning references praying, reading the Holy Bible, and respecting our elders. All of these are wonderful lessons that everyone needs.

Something I find most interesting about THE ROYS New Day Dawning is how thought provoking it is. It is fascinating to me that it takes Christian music, or borderline Christian music to create a thought provoking music CD. There is so much on the market where people are puffing up their own egos, and singing about how great they are. THE ROYS pay homage and respect to their parents and grand parents. They encourage others to a life of less stress. This is one CD your family should check out. {11/28/2012} - Paul


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