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Steel Diver



Steel Diver 


I was so excited to find Steel Diver for sale recently. It was selling for under twenty dollars brand new. Now that is the kind of mechanical music I can get into. Unfortunately after playing Steel Diver I have come away disappointed. The 3D effects are okay, but nothing like I was hoping or expecting. In fact Steel Diver feels more like a tech demo to me than an actual real genuine game. It is rare for Nintendo to throw out some bad pitches, but Steel Diver is not going to be the next big thing. Forcing gamers to play through all five levels with all three submarines is a recipe for irritation. Then you unlock the sixth level. Beat it with all three submarines to unlock the final level. I felt like my money was wasted on this Nintendo 3DS title. But you can learn from me. Look for a full comprehensive review of Steel Diver in Family Friendly Gaming #56.
{03/02/2012} - Paul


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