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Skylander Giants 


We love the Skylanders franchise here at Family Friendly Gaming. My own children love to play Skylander Spyro's Adventure. They used their own chore money to purchase additional characters. They also completely went through the entire game themselves. So there has been huge interest in Skylander Giants. Giants are coming to the franchise. Two of these behemoths can fit on the portal. Families may need to get creative on how they fit the two of them together.

Skylander Giants includes various improvements. There will be a wave two of the figures. That means that some characters from wave one will be returning with all new poses, and a few other neat tricks. My favorite was seeing the crystal fists light up when it got near the portal. Inside the game there are also changes coming. First and foremost is the different regions. So if we are going to a forest region, the in game graphics will reflect that. The same goes for other regions. I expect Skylander Giants to be a huge hit this Christmas. Family Friendly Gaming will provide a review just as soon as we are provided a copy of the game. {06/20/2012}
- Paul


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