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Family Friendly Gaming's re-entry into PC gaming has been huge. I am humbled by all of the support we have been getting. We were really blessed recently with a preview build of Pid. If you are anything like me, you have been eating up all the coverage we have been giving this interesting little game. And Pid looks to be an artistic masterpiece. Like many other works of art, it will have its audience, and it will have its detractors. We like to be fair here at Family Friendly Gaming, and look at the good, bad and ugly of any video game. We do not give any product a pass because it's artistic. That is for other sites to do.

The art work is simplistic, but there are also some nice layers of detail. I vaguely understood the storyline at the beginning - which I will not be sharing. Sorry I do not want to spoil too much for all of those eager to get their hands on this product. I have to realize it is an honor for me to be able to play games before they hit the streets. I will leave some clues for the ultra fanboys to debate. Earth looks different in Pid. If we are actually on our earth. Pid reminds me of Limbo in how the game plays. There is also an audible ambiance that is downright freaky. Once I got past that I found myself learning how to play, and how to avoid the various death traps.

Expect to die frequently in Pid. Thankfully this game does not obsess over it like Limbo does. Pid is also generally more colorful, but Limbo was horrible in that regard. The major power up skill in Pid (that we have seen in videos) is where we can throw something down that will lift us up to higher platforms. I think of it as a reverse tractor beam. But then my wife tells me I watch too much science fiction. Anywho! This helps with a control scheme on the Personal Computer (PC) that did not set well with me. To be fair I am not a keyboard gamer. I never have been, and I doubt I ever will be. I would love for mouse controls to be included in the final product. I kept tried using the mouse on menu screens and in the game to talk to other characters.  I look forward to the final product when it completed.
{09/16/2012} - Paul


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