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PES 2011 3D



PES 2011 3D 


I will level with all ya'll. I am not a soccer fan. In fact I do not like soccer. I know, I know - it is a popular sport around the world. And I am not trying to offend people who enjoy it. I don't. So it may seem odd that I am doing a preview for PES 2011 3D. It will seem even odder to realize I will be doing a review of this Nintendo 3DS title. What I can tell you is that PES 2011 3D will get a fair shake. I purchased this game, and feel like I got my moneys worth out of it.

PES 2011 3D does not contain as much content as its home console counter parts. It does however contain multiple areas that impress me. The character models and graphics look way better than I was expecting. This is not a Nintendo DS title that was given some 3D upgrades. PES 2011 3D looks fantastic. The players look very realistic. PES 2011 3D may be the best soccer game on the Nintendo 3DS. Expect my review to come out in Family Friendly Gaming #55. Until then, go ahead and check out PES 2011 3D. {01/07/2012}
- Paul


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