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New Super Mario Bros 2 


I went to E3 2012 expecting all kinds of information on Playstation Vita games. But there were very few interesting family friendly games on the PS Vita. There were numerous family friendly titles on the Nintendo 3DS. New Super Mario Bros 2 is one of those family friendly titles. We are extremely excited about New Super Mario Bros 2 here at Family Friendly Gaming. I love how wonderful this game looks, and how great it plays. Nintendo knows what they are doing with this franchise.

Stock for the Nintendo 3DS will continue to rise thanks to games like New Super Mario Bros 2. I can see that New Super Mario Bros 2 will be huge. I loved getting to play this hand held title at E3 2012. Nintendo has made New Super Mario Bros 2 really fun. Expect tons of levels in New Super Mario Bros 2. Which equates to countless hours of fun for families. Plus we get to play it in 3D. And who does not love Mario? {06/19/2012} - Sam


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