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Mario Tennis Open 


After all of the coverage of Mario Tennis Open we had online and in the e-magazine Family Friendly Gaming, I felt it was important to close the book on this game with a review. So I plopped down the forty dollars. Which to me is twice as much as I will normally pay for a new game. I felt it was important for our readers to get a review of this game online. I hope to have it in issue #62 of Family Friendly Gaming. If not it will be arriving in issue #63 for sure. I also felt it would be prudent to write up a preview of this Nintendo 3DS hand held video game.

Mario Tennis Open is the first Nintendo 3DS game that I can play with complete 3D on (full blast), and it feels natural. Moving the screen around can be part of the game play which is more annoying than anything else. The thing is I found my eyes usually stayed in line with the screen. The other aspect of the 3D in Mario Tennis Open, is it does not feel that deep. Another way of expressing this is - the 3D effects are not impressing me.

The key to victory in Mario Tennis Open is getting in the right spots at the right time. Which may seem like what tennis or any sport is about. But with Mario Tennis Open it goes deeper than that. Getting into certain circles grants the player some special powered up attack shot. Going from circle to circle almost always provided me the point. Likewise if the computer did it, and I could not, well I lost the point. Which means Mario Tennis Open is not very deep. In fact I can understand those that feel like their money was wasted on this hand held title.

The ESRB bestowed an 'E' for Everyone rating on Mario Tennis Open, with no descriptors. The mini games are interesting and fun in Mario Tennis Open. I do not feel this is the best Mario tennis game ever made, and my review will elaborate on that.
{08/13/2012} - Paul


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