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LiveWire Livin 


It is CD time again my friends. This time it is LiveWire Livin'. I had heard of LiveWire before. I could not recall where, but I knew of this  country band. They have two kinds of songs on the Livin' CD - strong upbeat, and slow. Many of the ten songs on this CD are about relationships. Not all but most. The packaging of LiveWire Livin' is interesting. It is light cardboard or thicker paper. It folds out and has a sleeve on the right side for the CD, and a sleeve on the left side for the booklet. The booklet contains the lyrics which is something I like to see.

LiveWire Livin' contains a few bad words here and there in a couple of the songs. There is also a fair amount of talk concerning alcohol and drinking. The physical damage alcohol does to the body is not impressed upon the listener in LiveWire Livin'. Children could get the wrong idea if parents do not explain that reality to them. The songs on this CD are Don't Nothin' Take My Breath, Don't Make Me Love You, Livin', Better, Whiskey Sunday, I'll Go to Prison, History, Lies, What Makes You a Man, and Gone. Many of these songs are strong.

There are a variety of different lessons in LiveWire Livin'. Don't mess with a man's family or he will kill you. Sinking into depression after a relationship ends. Tell the truth about a relationship, and that person. Getting fed up and leaving - can not take it anymore.
The different points in life, and the different stresses we face. Being thankful for each day we have on this planet. Whether you focus on the past or the present. Where do you turn when things go bad? Do you turn to God or something else for relief of your pain?
{12/08/2012} - Paul


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