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Lisa Matassa Somebodys Baby 


In our family I am the country music listener. My wonderful hubby listens to some, but you do not want to go into all of the different kinds of joyful noises he listens to. I decided to help him with Lisa Matassa Somebody's Baby CD. There are seven music tracks on this CD, and one official video. Lisa Matassa ranges in Somebody's Baby from what would be upbeat rockish country, to more slow and traditional country. Some of her songs borderline on rock and roll. She also sings three songs on this CD that are well known and made popular by other artists.

The songs in Lisa Matassa Somebody's Baby are Somebody's Baby, Wouldn't You Like to Know - NY Remix, Girl With A Rock 'N Roll Heart - NY Remix, Learning As You Grow, Heaven, I Will Always Love You - Live, The Christmas Song. The official video is of Somebody's Baby. I like her upbeat songs, but am not that big on her renditions of other artist's songs. For example I Will Always Love You - I prefer Dolly's rendition and Whitney's more. I was disappointed that The Christmas song had nothing about the birth of Christ in it. Lisa Matassa also removed Mel Torme's references to God.

Lisa Matassa Somebody's Baby has a few lessons in it that families will take an interest in. No matter where you go, you will still be someone's child. Women play mind games with men - especially at clubs and when alcohol is involved. We learn as we age, and that brings about wisdom. There are people that worship rock and roll.
{12/09/2012} - Yolanda


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