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I do not enjoy playing games on the Personal Computer (PC). So it took some sweet talking to get me to play Coloropus. This PC puzzle game is also on the Macintosh (MAC) so that should make those users very happy. Publisher Lace Mamba Global has not forgotten about them. I have been playing the demo lately, and it is really impressing me. Coloropus is a color based puzzle game. We can hold two pearls at a time of different colors. Well you could have two of the same color I suppose. We then use them to get past certain obstacles. I should make note that not every puzzle in Coloropus is color based.

The way players solve puzzles in Coloropus is very important. You can go towards the angel side or the devil side based on how you solve them. The music in Coloropus is so relaxing. I wanted to get past screen after screen just to keep hearing the music. The storyline involves a boy octopus trying to get to the girl octopus. There are other objectives along the way. The graphics in Coloropus have a soft look that makes it approachable by all ages of the family. Expect to help the younger members out with the puzzle solving though.
{04/06/2012} - Yolanda


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