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The IFfy Bible Game




The IFfy Bible Game 


Rapture Ready Consulting has recently released a demo of “The IFfy Bible Game”. Family Friendly Gaming checked out this demo and here’s what we found. “The IFfy Bible Game” is a trivia game of sorts that tests your knowledge of the Bible. The game uses the King James Version of the Bible to produce the trivia questions. Your goal as a player is to achieve the highest score possible. Players are granted or penalized points for correct/wrong answers. While the game is certainly full to the brim with scripture, the presentation is severely lacking. We found the graphics to be stretched and distorted on our screens and experienced some flickering during gameplay. Likewise the complete absence of audio in the game is quite disappointing and just plain odd. We also experienced the game locking up on our systems on multiple occasions. Now if you enjoy Bible trivia this game has plenty of it, but with a price tag of nearly $30 players will definitely want to try the demo before deciding whether or not to purchase this one. {02-02-2011} - Roger


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