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Nintendogs plus Cats 


Nintendogs is one of the higher scoring games we have here at Family Friendly Gaming. It placed extremely high in the TOP 100 PRODUCTS reviewed of all time. So my expectations of Nintendogs + Cats is up there. I have been playing Nintendogs + Cats on my hubby's Nintendo 3DS. The 3D effects are okay, and the dogs look great. The cats are okay. I guess my less than thrilled attitude has to do with playing so many other pet games. There have been Catz, Hamsterz, even Dolphinz. Nintendo took their time releasing this game. The industry has changed, and so many others have brought pet games to the market place. I am not fond of how the walks are done in Nintendogs + Cats. Something was lost from the original Nintendogs. I miss getting to pick the path of my walk.

It is great that cats are added, but they feel tacked on. Cats are completely different animals. The various contests are great, and are one of the things that brought me back. Nintendo expanded that area nicely. Ultimately Nintendogs + Cats is about playing for a few minutes every single day. We take care of digital versions of animals that need attention each and every single day. Lord willing I will be able to get a review done for the next issue of Family Friendly Gaming.
{11/16/2011} - Yolanda


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