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Mario Kart 7 


Mario Kart is the known king of kart racing games. Many other franchises have come up to lay claim to the throne. Does Mario Kart 7 put the crown squarely in Nintendo's camp? I will answer that question in my upcoming review. A review that will be appearing in Family Friendly Gaming #54. A review that I hope you will read on the first of January. You can read it on the second, third, fourth - you get the picture.

Until the review is published, I can let a few things slip. This is a preview after all. Players can make modifications to their karts. This includes the chassis, tires, and glider portion. Getting to fly around parts of certain levels is a really neat treat. As well as getting to go underwater in other parts of race tracks. Sixteen new race tracks are joined by sixteen previous race tracks. The three different speeds (50cc, 100cc, 150cc) allows family members of all gaming levels to enjoy it.

The multiplayer options in Mario Kart 7 are absolutely insane. I am normally the kind of person who will only spend twenty dollars on a game at most. I spent twice that amount on Mario Kart 7. Will I feel I received my moneys worth? Patience my friends and that answer will be revealed in Family Friendly Gaming #54. The 3D effects in Mario Kart 7 impress me. As many of the race tracks do as well.
{12/27/2011} - Paul


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